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I Received Advice to Finish Backpack Project

2009-01-06 07:05:00

I Received Advice to Finish Backpack Project
I called Thailand and received a small lecture on finishing projects; I am in Guatemala looking for land to build an apartment style Hotel. I can honestly say after this trip to Guatemala, I am not sure I have the motivation today to build anything in any country, I tend to feel owning land in other countries is like volunteering to be a workaholic. Intuitively I know when the right time comes, this idea will find its wings, and I think I am too young for this craziness.
I claim "No Joy."

Next lecture was about Backpacks….

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Tuesday, January 6, 2009
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I have been working to make my perfect Traveler Bag; I hate to call it a Backpack because readers become anal and start to think I am climbing mountains. I am designing a traveler bag and totally different from a mountain climbing or trekking bag.

I am 99 percent sure I want to make Backpacks here in Guatemala.

I am at a complete stop, I need 10,000 to 20,000 US Dollars to proceed and put into mass production and market properly.

My 13 million page site, is working well; we are making daily progress on that project.

I am making progress on the majority of projects and it does not bother me to nick away at projects, however a good completion high is always a good day and feeling in my life and stops me from talking and annoying people.

Every traveler needs a project, or risk becoming a Tramp, and not a Hobo who travels to work. Alcoholism and Drug use is rampant in the Expatriate and long term traveler world. Working on a project that is never completed is better than the alternatives.

Is volunteering a project for travelers?
Who are they trying to save? Are they volunteering on a project to help people or to save themselves?

Do they want to have another line added to their resume or CV saying what a nice person they are and everyone look?

Are people working on projects so they get free money?

What percentages of people have noble wishes, and what percentages of people actually change the world?

I went surfing to find links about travel projects and all I can find in volunteer projects, there must be other projects. Writing?


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I Received Advice to Finish Backpack Project