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Habitat for Humanity Solola Guatemala

2009-01-02 13:59:00

Habitat for Humanity Solola Guatemala
Guatemala Real Estate

I came upon a Habitat for Humanity home built in Solola, Guatemala a small city just up the hill from Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago, Atitlan. The economic of Real Estate around Lago Atitlan are twisted to say the least; there is no rhyme or reason. My friend Gary believes it because of what he calls an imperfect market, personally as person who was a Real Estate Broker for 14 years I consider it more like a case of mass hysteria where all sense of intelligence has disappeared.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Friday, January 2, 2009
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There are homes on this lake selling from over 270,000 US Dollars, and I was offered a one acre lot for 400,000 US Dollars.

Thinks about it, there is a Habitat for Humanity home here on one of the best views on the lake right next to a few onion fields.

Here is a photo of the plaque that was above the doorway.

I wonder if the family would take 10-20,000 for the home, hehehe they by far have one the best lots on this lake. This is a good location for transportation, shopping, a hospital is up the street, and some grocery store owned by Walmart. If I ever seen a good location for a home, this is one of the better.

Guatemala Real Estate

Habitat for Humanity Solola Guatemala