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Fun at Pucallpa Airport

2009-01-28 13:00:00

Fun at Pucallpa Airport
I went to the Pucallpa, Airport today at 9:00 am, and I returned to the Hotel to eat at 1:30 pm. The plane is now scheduled to leave at 3:00 pm this afternoon. The municipality of Breu spent about there hours weighing in Cargo.

I weighed in at 87 Kilos
My Travel Bag was 19.3 Kilos
I believe they pay about 4 Soles per Kilo, I paid 450 Soles for a one way ticket.

What was interesting was the Beer and Satellite Equipment.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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This Beer is being checked into at the Pucallpa, Peru airport for the fight to Breu. They told me this Beer sells for 60 soles per 12 pack in Breu.

Beer going down the conveyor belt in the Pucallpa, Peru Airport

I have yet to understand this satellite equipment, there was also about eight televisions being sent to Breu, Peru. There was about 15 car batteries loaded on the plane, as I understand there is a generator that provides electricity to the village from 6-10 pm at night.

Breu is not the farthest point on the map; it is about three to four villages back from the most remote village I have heard of on the Yurua River. I will soon learn how to travel upstream by gas power Peca Peca Canoe or some form of Boat.

I leave not again for the Airport, this time I hope I leave, the airport is hot and sticky, and I am ready to leave.

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Fun at Pucallpa Airport