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Flight to Breu, Peru in the Clouds

2009-01-29 18:31:00

Flight to Breu, Peru in the Clouds
It started raining about four o’clock in Pucallpa, Peru; this is when I remembered I do not like bouncing planes. I started to imagine the plane jumping up and down in the air, and me getting motion sick.

The rain continued for about an hours as the staff of North American Airline started to debate whether to leave or stay, in the end the Pilot by the name of Otto said, “we go.” and we went.

Breu, Peru
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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Less than five minutes after we left the ground, we also stopped seeing farms or houses, all was replace by dense forest and large meandering rivers.

The airplanes felt like it was in a cloud half the time, truly a great experience and a nice trip to the small village of Brue, Peru close to the Border of Brazil.

We landed in a grass field full of water; it was strange feeling to hit puddles of water as we landed. They water would come shooting along he side of the plane fully blocking our view at time, a couple of weaves back and forth and we landed.

Arriving at the village of Breu, Peru

The plane after landing on a grass airstrip full of water.

About 50 children and many young men welcomed us and women, very few adult were there to meet us, it was a pleasant feeling to see so many children.

I am not the first Gringo to this village, it is obvious this place has had it share of foreigners; the locals did not rush me, or act as if anything was strange.

Flight to Breu, Peru in the Clouds