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Filter Your Email Travel Tip

2009-01-28 05:35:00

Filter Your Email Travel Tip

This is to use less bandwidth and click faster, it is not always needed, however when you have slow connections in remote areas or often in Africa email filters are needed, I then work by downloading all my emails, I do not work online.

An email filter searches for words in an email, if these words are used; the email is diverted to a folder you have chosen. I have 50 filters with my Yahoo Mail account; I am using all of them and wish I had 150 more.

This is to save bandwidth when online, I am going to the Jungle, and they probably have an expensive and slow connection if they even have a connection. I will not have time to deal with sites like, Twitter, and other close to irrelevant emails so I am filtering them.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Wednesday, January 28, 2009
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When I signed up a few week ago for and Twitter, this was my worry, they would send me incredible amounts of emails, and I was correct. However, I also already knew how to filter my emails so was confident I could deal with this type of mess.

The Bulk Box or the Spam Box of your account is a filter, it searches for certain configurations of words that defines an email as spam and diverts it to the Spam Box.

The problem with filters is they are not perfect, and an important email can be diverted into the box.

I will get online in the city of Breu, check my inbox, delete all irrelevant emails, I will check the filter boxes, and move over to the inbox if needed. I will then download the emails to with my email client Foxmail. I will then send all my emails; I will be online as little as possible.

I have done this many times, it is possible to do everything I need to do and even Blog a couple of times in less than 15 minutes. If you are wished to practice, you need to see if you can do all your business with a connection of less than 15-30 minutes per day.

Photos, I have a permanent filter that diverts JPG, PNG, ZIP, GIF, DOC, or any type of attachment. It takes a lot of bandwidth to download your best friend’s photos, it is not easy to move these photos with a slow connection, and they must be moved prior to me getting on to check my emails.

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Filter Your Email Travel Tip