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Extreme Travel in to Breu Peru

2009-01-26 05:56:00

Extreme Travel in to Breu Peru
It is difficult to leave the normal Backpacker or Tourist paths; a person truly needs to study countries to leave these paths. This trip to Breu, Peru close to the Border of Brazil by small airplane is emotionally different. There are trips to these places, however solo travel is not normal, normally these trips are done by organized groups.

I have traveled into remote and isolated areas of Iraq, Africa, Indian and South America, where I knew few travelers visited.

What is Extreme Travel?

“I think extreme starts when you cannot find the person in front of you, or the person behind you. Where no amount of talk seems to convince others to go with you, it seems outside their realm of thought, or consideration.

It’s only your dream… Then you do it.

Alone, without the safety net”
- Andy of December 11, 2001 - Ecuador

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Monday, January 26, 2009
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The trip to Breu is “Extreme” to me, I do not know when I will return from the village of Breu, Peru. I fly on a plane that only leaves when it wants too, and I wait in the village until an Airplane returns. If for example it started to rain and continued for four weeks, I will be staying in Breu for four weeks.

Normally when we travel, we can go forward, and then if there is confusion we can turn around and go back. The safety net is land transportation that connects most of the planet. When I take trips on rivers it feels a little different, you know you are going to another port where you will again be on a normal Backpacker or Tourist path.

The path is a dead end, although I may be wrong, I heard news of a Brazilian Traveler who was going to Breu, and then going downriver to Brazil, this would be an excellent trip. More or less flying into isolation and traveling downriver to less isolated area.

A tribe or indigenous group becomes increasing isolated as you travel upriver. Breu is not isolated, I think it is a community, I want plan another trip that goes further upriver until nobody is following me, and I want to go where few people have gone. This is truly a difficult task to achieve, the world is explored, there are only remote areas, I am not sure anyone can call themselves a true explorer; this is being a little sensationalistic.

I realized while I was typing this, the groups of people who went there in June or July to categorize fish had a good reason. I am here in Rainy season when the river is higher, they went to Breu when the river was low and chartered a plane, they controlled their plane trip, and they optimized their chances of having a schedule. They went in the dry season when the grass airstrip would be solid and safer; I am going in the rainy season when the river is higher. I am trying to find a path up the Yurua River to destination easier reached when the river is high. I guess they were thinking about the plane, I am thinking about the river.

Adventure Travel is when there exists the possibility of being killed, it is always possible to be killed, but Adventure travel greatly increases the odds. There are ways to always minimize the odds, normally by making a huge project of a something, taking many people, flying in on charter planes, and throwing money around making sure everyone profits greatly by your presence, hiring the guides and involving many of the locals.

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Extreme Travel in to Breu Peru