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Don’t Flash Your Cash Travel Tip

Don’t Flash Your Cash Travel Tip
Robbing people in Tourist areas is incredibly simple for thieves because the tourists and travelers flash their cash. You walk up to a street vendor, pull out a wallet and show the whole city what you have.

What is the biggest flash of cash possible?

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Saturday, January 17, 2009
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You walk into the Hotel, and pull out a money belt, flop it on the reception desk and the every neighbor in the Hotel knows the soft target.

You go to an ATM machine, withdraw your money and walk out of the enclosure still tucking the money away.

You open your wallet and they can see 10 credit cards lined up in neat little rows, wow, this person has some buying power.

The beggar walks up to the restaurant, your wife opens her purse to give some money, the beggar sees how much, grabs the purse, and runs.

A girl is wearing a shirt with her belly showing, as she walk by I can see her money belt lying across the skin of her back, with or without the tramp stamp.

What is the biggest flash of cash possible?

Walking done the street with all our luggage or backpacks, for sure you have your complete net worth with you, this is a huge problem.

Contrary to any misguided information you have learn along the way, thieve normally know how much they can steal before they rob you.


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Don’t Flash Your Cash Travel Tip