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2009-01-10 17:03:00

What is a person to do, I travel the planet, I fall in love with a specific foods, then for some strange reasons I return… I walked by a Churro stand at a Super Market called Plaza Vea in Lima, Peru today.

Ok, so the Churro is not on my diet, not even close, but to say no would be to ignore Peru, that would not be proper.

Lima, Peru
Maria Jesus Area of Lima
Saturday, January 10, 2009
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“50 Centavos. or about 6 cents USA. I believe they are deep-fried. They are full of manjar. It is a cream made from sweetened condensed milk. They cook the milk over a warm fire until it turns into Carmel. The cream is about the same color as the Churros or a little more brown. Manjar is in everything. One traveller wrote: Everywhere I go I ask what different psalteries are, and then I say, "What's in it?" The common answer is "Manjar". Now I just assume everything has manjar in it and that's fine if you like the taste of Carmel. “
-- October 2000
Andy of in Arequipa, Peru

The price of a Churro is now one Sole, after eight years, it has been a long road back home, “Life is Good,” I have many homes.

This is warm, it has a that melt in your mouth feeling.

From time to time a person you relive his or her past, walk in the same shoes, walk the same path, so we do not forget to be thankful for all the good days gone by.

“Life is good, a life less normal…”

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