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Check the Hotel Hot Water Travel Tip

Check the Hotel Hot Water Travel Tip

When you enter a Hotel, always check the Hot Water Shower, do not assume it is ok.

I mean, put you hand under the water and feel it, make sure it is hot.

The goal is the best room in the Hotel.

I have a perverse enjoyment watching and listening to tourist check in and out of Hotels, especially the United States tourist, they truly do not know how the world works.

Do not worry, I am from the USA and I learned how the world works the hard way, These bad bad experiences are pounded into my head daily, I have lived in Hotel rooms now for over 10 years.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Wednesday, January 14, 2009
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Tourists normally live inside a box, they have never left the resort, and when they do learn how the world works.

Do you check out all the rooms in the Hotel or do you just accept any room the manager give you?

When you enter a Hotel, any especially the Five Star Hotels you need to check out the rooms. The more you pay the more you deserve to have the best room in the Hotel.

There are many type of Hot Water systems and some hotels do not have Hot Water.

Do not be shy, walk into the room, check the Hot Water or will surely get what you expect of life. When you find yourself in the worst room in the Hotel, look around I may be watching and laughing.

Here is a true story; the taxi driver here in Pucallpa, Peru took me to a Hotel called the Sol de Pucallpa. It has free breakfast, free WIFI internet and cheaper rooms than my present room; it is on a quiet cul du sac area. It is truly has all the features I want, however, I have not checked the Hot Water yet.

I went in the Hotel, I heard loud concrete saws cutting floor tiles, I asked the reception, when this noise would stop.
She said,

I went up to the fourth floor where they were working and seen that they was replacing the whole floor and they was 10 percent finished.

I did not move into the Hotel, the taxi driver and the receptionist did not earn a commission. I may move into the Hotel in a week when they are finished.

I have learned not to trust anyone, this is not natural for a boy from the state of Indiana, and it took me years to accept that the world will tell me anything to make money.

Learn how to inspect your Hot Water shower.

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Check the Hotel Hot Water Travel Tip