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Business Calls in the Hotel Travel Tip

Business Calls in the Hotel Travel Tip

I went to the Pucallpa, Peru airport yesterday; they are going to call me when a flight is arranged to Breu, Peru, the plane needs to land on a grass strip in the Jungle.

Oops, I am expecting a business call, I went into evaluation mode of my Hotel, and can it deal with a Business Call?

Hotel chains like the Hilton and Sheraton provide expensive rooms for business travelers that help inexperienced business travelers survive.

I 100 percent believe that Business Travelers need to stay in Business Hotels, they need the support provided by these types of Hotel chains, they need to know what to expect, they do not need the unexpected. The are traveling for business, not to learn how to travel.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Thursday, January 15, 2009
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What does the business traveler do when his company cannot pay for the 200-300 dollars per night room? What happens if the Business Traveler also wanted to have cultural experience by living in a small family ran Hotel, or there are no business Hotels in the area?

The business of refuses to pay more than 20 dollars per night for a Hotel, talk to the boss; he does not spend money on silly expenditures.

I am in a Three Star Hotel that cost 40 Soles or about 13 US dollars per day, yes I said,
“it is a Three Star Hotel.” I have never figured out this Star System, I stayed in Four Star Hotels in Iraq costing me 20 dollars per night; there is no rhyme or reason to the Star System.

This Hotel has WIFI internet in my room, I have a great connection, and I truly do not care about those stars.

First, this is the wrong system for an international businessperson; they should buy a new SIM or CHIP for a Quad Band Cell Phone at the airport as they arrive. They would have a local number from the country that would encourage calls. The locals would know how to call this number, while might not know how to call overseas.

I also have a USA number from the USA because it is the only way to do business with the USA.

If you do not have a local telephone number from the country?
What should a Business Traveler do in any Hotel on the planet?

1. Do the people know who I am; when a person calls, will they know how to transfer the call?

Shake hands, introduce yourself to all the staff even the cleaning and maintenance, and make sure you ram your name into their heads. Make a big impression, turn on the charm and be charismatic, try to make everyone in the Hotel know you are good person and maybe they will help you.

2. Will they transfer the call to my room?

If you have done step number one, then you are known by the staff, maybe you are in small Boutique Hotel in Bangkok, Thailand and they do not speak English well. If they know the sound of your name, if they have heard it many times, maybe the call will be transferred.

Check, is there a phone in your room?

I have a room close to the reception so they can just come tap on my door.

3. Will they take a message, and write it done and give it to me when I return to the Hotel?

Test you Hotel, walk up to the desk and try to leave a message, do they have not pads ready and a pen, or are they lost?

4. Receiving the message.

When I enter the Hotel, I say to the Hotel reception person,
“My name is Andres, I am expecting a call, are their any messages?”

Every time I enter the Hotel, I say this, I truly become known by the Hotel staff, I am removing any excuses or problems, the name “Andres” is ringing in their ears.

Now here is the kicker, I speak Spanish fluently, I can say all the about comments in Spanish, I can ingratiate myself well in Spanish. I can be very charming and charismatic without a problem.
I 100 percent believe Business Travelers need to day in Hiltons or Sheratons to thrive, or learn to travel in the real world.

Note, I have a quad band mobile phone and with a SIM cad and local telephone number from Claro.

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Business Calls in the Hotel Travel Tip