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Breu Peru Cargo is Maybe High Priority

2009-01-26 10:33:00

Breu Peru Cargo is Maybe High Priority
I paid three Soles and went to the Pucallpa, Peru airport to checkout possible flights to Breu, Peru. Areo Andino does not appear confident they have enough cargo or passengers; they are waiting for a call from Brue. Aerodiana seems positive; I need to check in with them very half-hour to keep my name, “Andres” in their brain.

The airport is close, it is three Soles one say, however if you are getting off the plane the go for seven Soles.

Pucallpa, Peru
Ucayali River or Amazon River
Monday, January 26, 2009
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It was interesting, I am going to a rather landlocked location, isolated and difficult to enter. I right tend to believe that cargo is the deciding factor on airplanes to Breu, if there is enough Cargo they will leave. The ground is dry, it is hot and hotter, and there is no problem with rain today.

There used to be flights in Bolivia whereby you paid by weight of your body. It is possible they try to induce me to pay more when they see my one bag, however I would think the majority of passengers to Breu are loaded with tons of bags.

I suspect the planes returning from Breu are lighter, and maybe one of the reasons they are waiting for a call from Breu is to see if they are ready on their end.

The plane flies to Breu, and then returns to Pucallpa, they want a fully loaded payload on both legs of the trip.

I was told there is Satellite Internet in Breu, however another maybe in a long list of maybes.

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Breu Peru Cargo is Maybe High Priority