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Breakfast is Cheap Travel Tip

2009-01-10 06:59:00

Breakfast is Cheap Travel Tip

Breakfast is cheap, Dinner is expensive.

What is your Travel Budget? A vacation is a time to splurge, spend money and enjoy life, however if you are on a strict budgets here is a Travel Tip.

I lived on less than 5-10 dollars for years, because of this budget and sacrifice I now earn enough money to travel the world perpetually as a homeless Hobo.

Lima, Peru
Maria Jesus Area of Lima
Saturday, January 10, 2009
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Ask yourself,
“Which meals of the day cost more?”


Breakfast is cheap, Dinner is expensive.

Do you want to save money, don't eat in restaurants every meal, and if you do, eat Breakfast, it is the cheaper meal.

During the day, I go to the markets and shop, just yesterday here in Lima, Peru I entered this huge super market and purchased some Bananas, Apples, Bread, Butter and Cheese. Later in the day, I cooked a Cheese Sandwich for Dinner. I spend every day purchasing food for my dinner, and in the morning, I go to Breakfast.

If go to Dinner, it is normally because I am with other people and want to socialize, however when I am alone, I eat in the Hotel.

I am in a Hotel presently that has a guest kitchen, this make cooking at home easy., a truly great family ran Hotel in the Jesus Maria area of Lima for 50 Soles per night.

Note, it is also healthier to eat a small dinner.

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Breakfast is Cheap Travel Tip