Asheninkas Boy With Bow and Arrow

Asheninkas Boy With Bow and Arrow
A morning walk down to the river and I find this young man who tells me he is trying to shoot birds. The bow and arrow was bigger than he was, however I believe the real thing.

Breu, Peru
Isolated Tribes Expedition 2010
Yurua River a feed river to Amazon River
Saturday, January 31, 2009
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There is a cloud hanging on the ground in the morning, it takes a few hours to burn it off the ground.

As I came closer to the water, a couple of Asheninkas girls were walking down to the water to enter a dugout canoe.

There are many tribes represented in the village of Breu, for many reasons they have come to this small village that is closer to civilization not farther away.


Asheninkas Boy With Bow and Arrow