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Alternative to Flying Travel Tip

2009-01-02 07:44:00

Alternative to Flying Travel Tip

You do not have to ride an all night bus and torture yourself; you can have a private driver.

There are few independent travelers, in the last 10 years Backpacking, Travelers and Wanderers of the planet have changed. The normal traveler is with a friend or lovers, very few travelers are solo travelers. The length of trips have also decreased, ten years ago six month to one year trips was common, now the two to three month trips are common and people use planes more, there is less cheap budget travelers.

WARNING - Renting a car is very dangerous in most countries on the planet.

This tip is for the new generation of travelers.

You do not have to ride an all night bus and torture yourself or know just the cities with airports of the planet.

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Friday, January 2, 2009
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WARNING - Renting a car is very dangerous in most countries on the planet.

The new economic of travel that has evolve is this, when you have a group from 2-4 people you can use the collective money and get a private driver.


The cost of a round trip ticket to Flores to visit Tikal from Guatemala City is about 200 US. Dollars, the cost of a bus is about 80 US dollars.

Three people times 200 dollars is 600 dollars

Three people times 80 is 240 dollars.

The cost of a private driver, which includes gas, lodging, food and all expenses, is from 850 to 1000 Quetzals per day.

109 - 129 U.S. Dollars per day for a private car with driver.

Do the math; you can have a private driver for a few days.


1. You can make multiple stops.
2. Stop for photos
3. Choose the paths
4. Air Conditioned Vehicles
5. Old or problems people can stop often for the toilets.
6. You do not have to associate with the locals.


1. You do not meet the locals as easily.
2. If you negotiate the trip badly the driver can take advantage of you.
3. The chances of getting rob increases.
4. You need to be on a round-trip, say from Antigua and back to Antigua, although the driver can make the trip back home alone.


1. Do not talk with the just the drivers, you must get a recommendation from a trusted hotel owner or maybe a tourist restaurant owner, transportation company advice can be dangerous.

2. Make sure you inspect the car, SUV or Van, make sure the plates are normal license plates, no rental car, or special plates that would draw attention.

3. See the vehicle before you make the deal

4. Meet the driver before you make the deal.

5. You want a vehicle that does not have any writing on the side, no tourism vehicles; you want to blend in with the other cars.

6. Wear a cap to cover up brazenly blond hair, or other ways of knowing you are not a local.

7. Do not tell owners when you are leaving the hotel, do not telegraph your plans.

9. Stop traveling daily before 3-4, better to wake at 5:00 and stop at noon, this is the safest method of travel.

10. The driver should never pick up any friends for any reason, there is no reason a friend of the driver should be in the car.

11. Best to meet and know the family of the driver, best if he is married and has children.

WARNING - Renting a car is very dangerous in most countries on the planet.

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Alternative to Flying Travel Tip

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