All-inclusive Air Fares in Europe

All-inclusive Air Fares in Europe

“Air travellers will soon be able to see at a glance exactly what they have to pay for their tickets, as the European Parliament approved new EU rules. Air fares as displayed will have to include all taxes, fees and charges added to the basic ticket price and known at the time of publication. Parliament approved a deal on this legislation reached with the Council, as it takes on board the EP's key first-reading amendments.

The price you actually have to pay”
- European Parliament

Pucallpa, Peru
Tuesday, January 13, 2009
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Is this true, I do not know?

I have learned not trust anything I read or hear without severe collaboration, I for sure trust the governments of the world before I trust the news media. Whatever the case, this feels real, I am now hoping the rest of the world follows with this great legal precedent.

What is the situation in the USA, are they going to pass laws to stop the airlines from feeding us pricing crap.

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All-inclusive Air Fares in Europe