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Yahoo Messenger Travel Security Risk

2008-12-23 14:55:00

Yahoo Messenger Travel Security Risk
I should also say security risk, security risk, or any internet systems that automatically log onto the internet.

My friend Chris accidentally left his computer on a Tuk Tuk; this is a three wheel Motorcycle Taxi. Later he wrote me an email saying he had a new email and I should use it, I thought this was strange. I write him often and knew he had a account.

What happened? How does losing your computer affect your free account? Did you forget your password?

Panajachel, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
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The taxi driver connected the computer to the internet, it automatically connected to the internet and logged into The person then changed the email and stole his account…. I have no idea why, yet must have thought this was a good idea.

I thought about this for a week, and then I became scared…. it would be a great idea on my Yahoo Email Account!

I do not store usernames and passwords on my computer, I am 100 percent sure that one day somebody will steal my computer. I have never thought about somebody stealing my Yahoo Email.

Do NOT check the boxes when you travel.

I do the same as Chris with Yahoo Messenger, it automatically logs in when it detects an internet connection. I have had my personal email for about 7 years; I would be lost without this account. It would be like somebody stealing my business telephone number when I lived in the USA. This email address is my primary business address on planet earth.

Even worst, there are passwords stored on the internet, copies of my passport and drivers license, all sorts of sensitive identification information that I need. I must have at least 50-100 passwords; I keep them in a folder in my yahoo mail account.

I gave the username and password to my Parents and Sister; in the event of my death, they could find all the usernames and passwords to run this online internet business.

Yahoo Messenger Travel Security Risk