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What we Make In America

2008-12-05 05:37:00

What we Make In America
Does anybody want to work in a factory? Or better yet, does anybody in the USA want to work in a factory for minimum wage?

Orland, Indiana
Friday, December 5, 2008
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I truly believe that a factory was never intended to be a great job; it was just a normal job for a high school graduate with no skills. I think an Auto Mechanic should be paid more than a factory worker. I am somewhat baffled how factory jobs ever became such good jobs. I work in a few factories in my youth, it truly motivated me.

I believe people need to stop and ask themselves why they need to earn so much money. If you love you job, the money is not an issue, if you hate your job than money is a big issue.

It keeps popping up in my head, people will do about anything if you pay them enough, lie, cheat, steal, etc.

Each person needs to sit done and ask themselves, is my life for sale, will I spend eight hours today working at something I truly hate if someone pays me enough? Does money buy you happiness, I am 100 percent sure it does not, however I am sure having a lot more money than you need will assist you in being happy.

One secret to happiness is probably not to borrow money.

What we Make In America

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