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Warren Buffet Hybrid Car from China

2008-12-22 04:53:00

Warren Buffet Hybrid Car from China
Here is a scary thought for the UAW and the USA auto industry… Warren Buffet one of the world great investor has financially backed a car made in China.

Forbes.com Article on Hybrid Car

As a traveler of the planet, nothing is more relevant to me is the comparisons between the USA, "MY COUNTRY" and the rest of the planet, this comparison is in my face daily. It is rubbed it, pushed, shoved and piled on, this is what travel is about, the comparisons of countries.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Monday, December 22, 2008
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He put in about 160 million British pounds, and we are talking billions in a bailout.
Mirror.co.uk Article

The writing is on the wall.

It is embarrassing, as a traveler to know the USA auto industry has arrogantly believe they are the best and allowed the rest of the world to pass them by. The USA has some truly great culture abilities, however being aware of what is happening on the rest of the planet is not one of them.

Warren Buffet Hybrid Car from China

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