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Two Tribes Meet in Guatemala

2008-12-30 06:27:00

Two Tribes Meet in Guatemala
Here is a Photo of two tribes meeting in Guatemala to do business. I have encountered many tribes in my travel of the world for the last 10-11 years of perpetual travel.

How do I know when I am meeting a Tribe?

1. Pieces of clothing that are similar or identical.
2. Jewelry or hairstyle that is similar or identical.
3. When members of a tribe meet others members they show a sense of identity.
4. Single member of a tribe are approachable for conversations.
5. When tribe members are in groups, they often segregate themselves from others.
6. Anger or superstitious like desire to protect the tribe from being forced to change, be included or adapt to other large or smaller tribe social norms.
7. Diversity inside the groups is not encourage, while members often feel themselves unique however in reality they normally have a groupthink mentality.

I could go on for hours here; I am just having fun…

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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The meeting of two distinctly defined social groups in Panajachel, Guatemala on Lago, Atitlan. Nether groups is speaking in their native language, however using a learned language as their language of business.

This tribe does not segregate according to color of eye,

It is interesting to meet tribes; many people feel a warm and tender need to become part of a tribe. Non-members of tribes often try to become member of other tribes, or part of the band. Tribes or bands often form based on shared feeling, or comradeship that lacks in introspection or rational needs, needs that are more emotional.

Warning, when you feel strange, or somehow have this instinctual feeling you are not the same, trust your feeling. To interfere or speak up inside tribal groups can be frustrating. In some tribes to disagree can be dangerous, take great care to observe superstitious behavior or behaviors of the group that has no rational basis.

I have discovered that one of the most frustrating feeling of perpetual travel of the planet is the inability to share in tribal behavior. Moving solo from location to location I need to reject traits that would require I behave or have the traits of a group.

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Two Tribes Meet in Guatemala