Taca First Class Upgrade

Taca First Class Upgrade
I got on the Taca plane, took my seat, I arranged an exit seat over the wing, whereby I got a little more legroom, so I already had a good seat. However, I have this funny habit of asking the airline Women if they are going to feed me.

Antigua, Guatemala
Monday, December 8, 2008
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I get on enough planes, I understand the procedure and I get bored, and I often talk with the Airline workers about many subjects. However, I have been on this kick where I ask them if they are serving Pizza. Today, I just said in colloquial English to this tall Latina girl,
“You gonna feed us?”

She looked at me with a nervous smile and rush to the front of the plane, nothing new here, many women ignore me.

As best I can tell, the women went back and told the man who I think was the head Airline Attendant. Well, he came and stood by the seat saying,
“So you are hungry Andy.”
Before I can speak, he says,
“Come with me.”

The plane is about ready to leave, it is taxi-ing toward the shooting range, I finally got up and scooted to the front, he waves me into a Front Class seat, he says,
“You will get served first.”

What is the moral of the story? I truly believe talking and making life fun for workers can upgrade your life. I was having fun, doing my normal talk to everyone that is near me strategy on how to live life and it got me a first class upgrade.

I need to work this situation more on them 12 hour across the lake trips, this was only four hours.

I think I was the only “True American” on the plane, this was truly strange, I was told by a man in Antigua tourism is off by about 25 percent.

Taca First Class Upgrade

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