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Solola Solola Guatemala

2008-12-19 15:28:00

Solola Solola Guatemala
I walked down the small lane from my Hotel; at the end is a man hollering Solola, Solala, there is music in his voice. I decided, I know too much of Panajachel, Guatemala and I needed a change. I paid 3 Quetzals for a short Chicken Bus trip up the hill to the city of Solola, Guatemala. I was surprise, it was market day and the city was packed. I found out Market Day is Tuesday and Friday and truly a great market, and not tourist… hehehe

Panajachel, Guatemala
Thursday, December 18, 2008
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There is not enough life in one person to explore all the corners of the planet. This is sugar; actually, it is Panela a type of sugar, more like brown sugar and not like white sugar. The flavors is good, I love the stuff and truly see no value to white sugar.

I have encountered Panela in many countries, it is made from sugarcane. If I devoted three days to my life, I could learn about Panela. This old man was dazed, a sleepy mind, however if I was willing to give three days of my life, I could ask many questions, find out where this Panela came from, I would go to the fields where they grew the sugar cane, watch them harvest it. I would find the place where they are boiling the water or juice off the Panela and have a good time.

Strange how I value my time, even though I have the three days, is this what I want to do. Instead, I travel around, hoping to accidentally find the source of this product.

The whole Solola Marke trip took me less than 45 minutes, like going to Walmart, but a lot more fun.

Market, Solola, Guatemala roadtrippin.com
Solola Guatemala market
Solola, Guatemala

Panela - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Why have sugar when you can have Panela....pure, wholesome,

Solola Solola Guatemala

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