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Sciatic Nerve

2008-12-04 06:33:00

Sciatic Nerve
I believe I am having Sciatic Nerve pain; this is not the problem a traveler should have…

The 25-hour plane trip from Thailand to the USA was a kicker.

Orland, Indiana
Thursda, December 4, 2008
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I have doing extreme research trying to nail down this problem in my body and make any necessary changes to stop it.

Dehydration is one cause, I learned a simple test for dehydration, I pull the skin on my hand up and let it go, if it bounces back fast I have plenty of water, if not than I am dehydrated. Well, I am dehydrated so I am trying to drink tons of water and have upped the amount of salt in my diet. I gave up processed foods, and truly do not use salt, plus I gave up soda and coffee and my liquid intake is radically less.

I have bad posture because I broke my femur in four places in a serious motorcycle accident and one leg is about ½ inch shorter than the other is. I think there something ruptured, there is a small bag like bump in my back, like a blood clot, but I am still alive.

I am trying to narrow down the problem, find the specific problems and make changes.

Sciatic nerve - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Sciatica - Undiag
Sciatica - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Tylenol makes the pain end for about two hour, I do 50 deep knee bends to engorge my legs with blood, try to keep the circulation maximized. Having an ulcer is not helping, trying to keep the body in balance is a lot of concentration. I am planning on getting some x-rays in Guatemala and sending them to my friend Jeff who is a Doctor, I will solve this problem.

Sciatic Nerve