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Private Jet or Video Conference

2008-12-04 09:14:00

Private Jet or Video Conference
My guesstimate is that 98 percent of all personal meetings will be soon replaced by multiple webcam internet based video conferences. The Auto companies and other businesses are in turmoil over how they use private jets and I agree, they are over the edge spending wasting money.

Also consider this; there are reporters, columnist, politician and other influential people making world-changing decisions about countries they have never visited… Maybe these people need to get on a plane.

Orland, Indiana
Thursday, December 4, 2008
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I do not have a shoestring budget; I have a micro thin thread budget for internet web site development. However, what the HoboTraveler.com series of websites lacks in money, we make up with brains. We presently have me roaming the planet, one worker in Goa, India, one in Kerala, India and another in Cairo, Egypt. All four of us are in constant communication by way of chat.

However, the technology is already in our grasp to talk and do webcam meetings. If we did this, I would like to use up to four webcam running simultaneous and switching, as I desire.

Our problem is not the video; our problem is time zones and language barriers. Chatting is written language, and easier, slower and more effective in many ways than spoken language.

I on average spend about 5-15 minutes per day chatting with each of the workers, more or less a daily refocus session.

I am wondering if the lean and mean, small enterprises of the world will soon replace the overburdened top heave bureaucracies of the planet.

We are perfecting a management system for offshore workers, and I think we will soon be able to share some of these workers.

Why is a personal meeting needed? I would love to access a person, read between the lines, semi trap them in their own words, whereby my bullsh-t meter can operate, I have yet to determine if my bull-sh-t meter works by video conference, but I think it does.

We are going to implement more of this webcam video conference technology into the employment application area, as we need it less in management, and more for interviews.

Private Jet or Video Conference

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