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Pirates in Rio Dulce Guatemala

2008-12-13 07:55:00

Pirates in Rio Dulce Guatemala
I am planning a trip to Rio Dulce to look for a sailboat, I came upon an Blog post about a boat that was attacked while on the hook.
Boat Attack

Panajachel, Guatemala
Saturday, December 13, 2008
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I also surfed upon an page that allow people to reports Piracy, and explains the dangerous areas on the planet.
Pirate Prone Areas

I would like to buy a sailboat, not too excited because I get seasick easily, however still a good moble home. I hope to travel over to Rio Dulce in the next month to nose around. I know that learning how to manage danger needs to be learned now, not later. Water versus Land travel, there are many ways to travel the planet.

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Piracy Prone Areas and Warnings
The Adventures of Bruadair Tragedy on the Rio Dulce, Guatemala

Pirates in Rio Dulce Guatemala