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Open Drawer on Nightstand Tip

2008-12-29 06:07:00

Open Drawer on Nightstand Tip
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There are some small Hotel Rooms on Planet Earth. In many Hotel Rooms, Guesthouses, or Bungalows the only place to sit down in the room is the bed. Maybe there is only a bed and nightstand. My room in Antigua, Guatemala was this way; there is not enough room on top of the nightstand to put all the miscellaneous items I wished near my bed. This photo below shows the solution.

Antigua, Guatemala
Monday, December 29, 2008
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I often pull out the drawer and leave it open, I have about 30-50 percent more space on the top of my nightstand. I like to keep my computer open and on top of the nightstand, however if I am drinking a glass of water it also become dangerous for my computer. I put the glass or cup in the drawer and it is below the computer.

I can put my books, glasses, and even snap a light onto the edge of the drawer. There are many things that ends up on the nightstand, later I put my headsets inside this drawer and my alarm clock. It is amazing how just a few more inches of space on top of the nightstand or drawer increases the usable counter space in a room.

I have pulled this out from the corner about two feet, this allows me reach to my right comfortably and reach my computer or a glass of water.

Take care not too put heavy things in this drawer or the weight will become out of balance and tip over.

I seldom put anything inside a drawer, a closed drawer, a closed drawer is a great way to forget gear when you leave the room.

Travel Rooms Tips

Open Drawer on Nightstand Tip