Old or Fat or Codgers

Old or Fat or Codgers
I am here in Guatemala, there is a surplus of older end-of-the-roader’s who are different than the young travelers who normally surround me in countries like Thailand. I have been enjoying the eccentric problems of older people; I am not sure who can take care of themselves better. It is neck and neck, both the young and the old need baby sitters.

I use the labels Freak, Dread, and Tattoo with the young travelers I am using Old, Fat and Codger with the older ones, ooops, should not forget "Old Farts."

Panajachel, Guatemala
Sunday, December 14, 2008
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There is no age discrimination when it comes to travel; it appears the only variable that makes some travelers better is their ability to make decisions.

However, there is nothing common about common sense, I think the majority of traveler forget to pack it.

Old or Fat or Codgers

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