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Not Using My Rain Poncho

2008-12-23 14:21:00

Not Using My Rain Poncho
I have a traveler’s rule, if I do not use gear in my bag for over three to six months I throw it away. I have not used my rain poncho in years to protect my body from rain; however, I am not throwing it in the trash because I need it.

I carry an umbrella, why do I need a rain poncho.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
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My hotel curtains are too thin, the allow people walking around in the courtyard to see into my room at night. I used four clothespins to hang it as an extra curtain. Sometimes I have no curtain and it helps, and the poncho truly blocks the light.

I was using my hammock to cover this window, however I wanted to use the hammock for a blanket to lie up on the roof and sunbathe, therefore I replaced it with the poncho.

The rain poncho serves many purposes; one truly great use is in extremely cold room when I need an extra blanket. I take some safety pins and pin it to the covers or sheet and it makes a wonderful blanket that conserves my body heat.

There is always a worry about rain for backpacker, I do not use the poncho often to protect me from rain, I have an umbrella, but I do use it as a tarp. I will cover or wrap my backpack with the rain poncho to keep my backpack dry. Unlike the majority of backpack covers, this poncho is truly impermeable it will not absorb any water; it is truly waterproof, not that nylon joke stuff that starts to leak when touched.

You ever get on a boat, a rain poncho is truly handy to protect your gear from waves, I have a camera, computer, etc, these items need protected, I seldom meet a traveler without a camera.

I carry safety pins and clothespin and consider them essential travel gear. These items also have multiple uses.

Multiple uses for gear is always on my mind, I have very few one use gear items in my pack.

Not Using My Rain Poncho