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Nobody Wants the Palestine People

2008-12-29 07:51:00

Nobody Wants the Palestine People
How the World Works

Nobody wants them, including all the countries that surround Israel, which is a mystery to me…

Israel is a Jewish state and Pakistan is an Islamic state, this is like a Motorcycle Club, they wear their colors, their uniforms and they can be touchy if you disobey the club rules.

Israel does not want the Palestine people, and guess what, neither does Egypt, Syria, Jordan, Lebanon or Saudi Arabia

Look at the map… and think, what would you do if your family was bombed? Would you try to move to safety, you know be a refugee.

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Monday, December 29, 2008
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They want a fight, and this refugee crap means nothing after 50 years of occupation. They are not refugees, the want to live in turmoil; there is no turning the other cheek for the Palestine people living in Israel.

Moreover, the quality of life is much better for the Palestine people than the press leads you to believe. They have air-conditioned buses. I really started to laugh when I saw they had buses that hydraulically lowered to allow the fat Palestine people to enter the bus.

There will never be Peace between these two races of people as long as God is mediating the fight.

A peace loving people would move to the next country over, if they would let them in, the problem is they will not, they want the Palestine people less than Israel.

Nobody Wants the Palestine People