Naming Your Travel Blog

Naming Your Travel Journal
A you are writer or are you a hack? I am positive the majority of people who start Blogs have a dream of being a writer.

“A good man always knows his limitations...”
- Clint Eastwood in Magnum Force 1973

A good Travel Journal should not have any limitations…
- Andy of 2008

Panajachel, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 23, 2008
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I just was reading what I thought was a Honduras Blog and realized the person was talking about the Palace I visited in Korea. There is nothing wrong with this, there was a turn in the path...

I truly believe people should take a longer pause before they name their Blog and if in doubt, name it after themselves. I would rather read Joe Blow Blog that to know the whole Blog is off topic.

Trust me about this off topic thing, I get tons of ugly mail from readers who only want me to write about travel.

Choose a good name, it is the first test of your writing ability.

Naming Your Travel Journal


When I change countries I lose readers because I went off topic.

Title a blog so any comment is acceptable and work hard to delete readers who care when you go off topic.

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