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Mumbai Massacre

2008-12-02 06:41:00

Mumbai Massacre
If I could teach a class on how to travel the world safely, I would hope to focus on the need to hide in plain sight.

Orland, Indiana
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
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I would take the Mumbai Terrorist attacks as an example of how to volunteer for problems. There is no way possible to avoid all problems, however there are ways to hedge your bets.

Attracting attention?

Should I stay in a luxury five star hotel or in a minus one-star flophouse?

You have the haves and the have not in life, many time we have the First Class Traveler and we have the wanna be First Class. If someone notices you, you are in Danger of being robbed, raped, abused or killed. If nobody notices you, if you fit into the crowd, you do not stand out, and then you are hiding in plain sight.

Often your ego is writing checks it cannot cash; a person with true self-esteem does not need to prove it.

Mumbai Massacre

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