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Machete Number 1 Cause of Decapitation

2008-12-17 06:17:00

Machete Number 1 Cause of Decapitation
I almost fell out of my bed here in Guatemala reading a Honduras Blog.

“Of course machetes are also the number one cause of "accidental" drunken decapitation and dismemberment in the county.”
Machete Culture of Honduras

When I was in Togo, West Africa some Nigeria boy came by a drunk German girl behind the Germany Embassy on a Motorcycle. They used a machete and tried to cut off her purse or bag. The girl moved quickly and got a hack right to the center of her forehead, she survived and was ok, but the machete was again a weapon. I try to be aware of folks walking around with Machetes, especially when they are drunk.

Number one for drunken decapitations, this is too funny, but very real.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Wednesday, December 17, 2008
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Machetes are a tool; they are used by many cultures for many reasons, the Swiss Knife for the Jungle. I am will often go up and feel the edge of peoples Machete to see if they are really know what they are doing.

On a funny note, did you know you could sharpen a shovel; I unfortunately and fortunately have used a shovel many times in my life. Same as a machete, a shovel needs sharpened to cut through grass or sod.

Karine and Tom in Honduras

Machete Number 1 Cause of Decapitation