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Lost in a Strange City Travel Tip

2008-12-30 06:54:00

Lost in a Strange City Travel Tip
Directions or Maps Travel Tips

If you are lost, call a Taxi.

I often come upon people standing along side of the street staring at maps and looking lost. This happened the other day in Antigua, Guatemala as I was walking back to my Hotel. An older couple was holding a small city map of Antigua, and as I made eye contact with the man, he looked at me with a question on his face.

I stopped and said,
“Can I help you?”

Panajachel, Lago Atitlan, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 30, 2008
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They wanted to return to the central park of Antigua, they seem cautious like maybe I was going to do something. They was lost and nervous, hard to say they was scared, however for sure they was frustrated scared, they was feeling insecure.

I said to them,
“If you do cannot figure out where you are in Antigua, stop one of the Tuk Tuk Taxis, and tell them your Hotel name, it will cost either 10 or 15 Questzals, all taxis in Antigua are the same cost”

Stopped, let that sink into their brain...then said,
“When you leave your Hotel you should always have a business car of brochure with the name and address of the Hotel.”

I repeated this get a taxi travel tip a few times, saying it is ok to get lost and truly getting lost in a city like Antigua where a Taxi cost only 1-2 US Dollars is not a problem, just an annoyance.

If you are lost, call a Taxi; however please remember to have a business card from your hotel in your pocket.

I did not just point down the street; I walked this man and women from the state of Florida in the USA about four blocks. I then pointed directly towards the central park. I went on to explain they needed to find the Market and the Central Park on the Antigua Map. If they are walking in reference to these two benchmarks, they would always be able to know where they are located.

Fear based people often need to live in large Hotels in cities that can be easily be recognized by any taxi driver or residence of the city. It makes tourist feel good to be part of a large Hotel, they feel safer.

When I come upon lost tourist or travelers in a city, I do not give them dodgy directions, I normally walk them to obvious points where they can reaffirm they understand where they are… it is not fun to feel lost in a strange city, that speak a different language.

If you like this feeling, go to China or Korea and you can feel lost on a regular basis.

The nice couple from Florida gave me a perfect reward for my efforts, the man shook my hand, said thank you and said his name, I truly enjoy good manners.

Lost in a Strange City Travel Tip