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List a few Traveler Countries

2008-12-02 03:35:00

List a few Traveler Countries

Who is qualified to call himself or herself an experienced traveler?

I have started a couple of research projects, for one of the projects I need to ask experienced travelers questions to find a consensus.

Orland, Indiana
Tuesday, December 2, 2008
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A person can be a glorified Tourist and have gone to 50 countries, while another person may have only visited five countries yet has the soul of a Traveler.

Example, a person could travel to Europe and visit 25 countries and I would not be impressed.

I think in this way,
1. If a person visited El Salvador in Central America.
2. If a person visited Paraguay in South America
3. If a person visited Somalia in Africa.
4. If a person visited Liberia in West Africa.
5. If a person visited Laos in Southeast Asia.
6. If a person visited Papua New Guinea in Oceania.
7. If a person visited Yemen in the Middle East.
8. If a person visited Croatia in Europe.

When I first started to travel, I thought that just traveling a year was outstanding, now I am thinking that three years is adequate.

To do my research project I feel I need to create a questionnaire then maybe do a personal interview.

Many businesses could benefit from knowing what is really important and needed by travelers and tourist. A traveler is just a tourist who has for some reason left the beaten path.

The farther you leave the beaten path, the more I feel you have you are aware of your priorities. You will become more aware of the pros and cons of your travel bag; you will learn which languages are needed. Your global awareness becomes more acute, you have taken off the “Wonder-of-it-all-Glasses.”

The time in country, your choice of countries you visit will help you remove these glasses and see the world as it truly is, not as you hope or assumed.

I am still am trying to completely remove the “Wonder-of-it-all-Glasses.” from my face. I was watching the Traveler Channel last night, thinking to myself; these people try to staple those glasses onto the face of tourist and travelers. They perpetuate unreal isolated visions of countries that are not true.

There are political decisions made by politicians who have “Wonder-of-it-all-Glasses.” permanently installed on their face.

List a few Traveler Countries

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