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Life is Work in USA in Winter

2008-12-05 03:51:00

Life is Work in USA in Winter
This is the first time I have been in the USA during winter in years; I do my best to avoid winter. There is no advantage to winter, it just make life feel more difficult.

Orland, Indiana
Friday, December 5, 2008
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It feels like work to leave the home when it is cold.

On the other hand, walking down the sidewalk in my cities in the world is severe work and hassles.

I the USA I have fewer hassles, fewer daily annoyances, I have nobody here telling me lies, nobody here trying to cheat, and for sure there are no beggars in Fort Wayne, Indiana.

There is something about winters that change cultures, I am positive the rich and prosperous cultures exist where the weather is more harsh and difficult. I will be happy to leave for Panajachel, Guatemala where life is exceptionally good and free of the majority of daily hassles.

Life is Work in USA in Winter