Just Say No to Vacation Blogs

Just Say No to Vacation Blogs
Hehehe, I have subscribed to 100’s of Travel Journals and Newsletters over the years. However I seldom read these Travel Journals, because 99.99 percent of them are not Travel Journals, they are Vacation Blogs. A person goes on a very long vacation and Blogs about it.

Orland, Indiana
Saturday, December 6, 2008
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I am being facetious, people can read Vacation Blogs, and they will help you to learn how to enjoy your Vacation.

However, I seldom need to unsubscribe to a Travel Journal, they end because the person stops traveling. This is why I have started to call them Vacation Blogs, they are like Vacations, something you do for awhile, with the “Wonder of it all glasses,” on.

I have subscribed to many Airline Ticket newsletters and Blogs over the years; however, the majority tells me how to fly from the USA or UK to somewhere, not around the world.

Now to be fair, I have to admit, only about 1 in 1000 people who say they are a traveler, truly are a traveler. I suppose to find a Travel Journal I would need to subscribe to 1000 to find the needle in the haystack.

What is the advantage of reading a Travel Journals as opposed to a Vacation Blogs, I suppose it is experience. (Disadvantage is you have to read a lot of rambling.)

I remember Eric writing me a personal email asking how long my extension cord was for my room. I had the cord made; it is three meters long, a 14-gauge flexible copper wire cord with four outlets that accept both the slotted and the round 220 plug.

Why is it 3 meters?

This is the size needed to reach across the average room from an inconvenient plug on the wall.

How do I keep from tripping over this cord is another question.

How do I deal with worn out outlets that refuse to hold my male plug is another question.

I can laugh though; it is not possible to learn all the tricks of travel in one day, therefore impossible to explain in one day.

I just thought of a great way to make money, I would write a 50-100 page book on how to manage electricity while traveling. I could list out 100 strange and unusual problems I have had and how I was able to solve the problem. For example, I could explain how to safely tap into a live electric wire and connect my second extension cord. Yes, I carry two of them, one is very small and does not have the male plug, it is only bare wire, and I also have some alligator clips.

I can change a 5-dollar room into a 25-dollar room by installing all the necessary features that are missing.

Maybe one day I will feel like I have learn how to travel, after 10 years of perpetual travel I am positive I will never stop learning, and that is the fun of travel.

Just Say No to Vacation Blogs

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