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Guatemala Typicals Worth Selling

2008-12-13 06:02:00

Guatemala Typicals Worth Selling
NGO - ONG, the save the world, hug a tree bunch in Guatemala have a one channel idea of helping the Guatemalan people sell hand made cloths, clothing and knickknacks.

Here is a photo of jacket I believe would sell inside the USA.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Saturday, December 13, 2008
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Here is a jacket that would look good on any yuppie girl walking to work in the USA or Europe.

The majority of these organizations want to sell souvenirs of Guatemala to people who did not visit Guatemala. I believe if they actually chose products that are culturally compatible with the country where they wish to sell products they would actually help people to prosper and stop making beggars out of nice people.

I quit buying the majority of local clothing years ago; I do not enjoy looking like a clown when I enter the next country.

Guatemala Typicals Worth Selling