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Guatemala Paperboy

2008-12-22 05:32:00

Guatemala Paperboy
They walk around the streets of Panajachel, Guatemala in the early morning saying,

This word means the “Press” in the Spanish language. There are many of these young boys selling the news of the country and it makes me feel good, I was a paperboy when I was young.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Monday, December 22, 2008
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I believe the paper cost about five Quetzals, not cheap, about 75 cents USA. I am always happy when I see poorer countries like Guatemala reading the newspaper. I read the newspaper in my hotel and always consider a hotel better when there is a newspaper provided for free.

Literacy is a good for people, it helps remove superstitious behaviors and gossip that is dangerous to people. Primitive cultures have some strange ideas, lack of education and awareness of the world can lead to tribal misdeeds.

This picture was taken in Solola, Guatemala; I am learning to like this city more than Panajachel, it more real, more like people and less like a tourist trap. Panajachel, San Pedro, and San Marcos the more popular tourist cities on Lago, Atitlan are tourist traps.

I was sad to hear Jack say that he does not read the newspapers in the USA. I have slowly realized the many USA people have stopped reading the paper and only watch television or the internet. I personally feel the internet is about 90 percent misrepresentation of the news and the television is 80 percent. The newspaper is still about 50/50, so in my mind still the best source for half-truths on the planet.

I find it difficult to not be cynical about the world press, I have seen the planet and I know they misrepresent and twist the truth the majority of the time.

Guatemala Paperboy

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