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Guatemala Handicap Help Needed

2008-12-27 06:23:00

Guatemala Handicap Help Needed

Do you know of a friend who uses a wheelchair in Guatemala?
Do you live in Guatemala, will you please go look around your city?

I have a reader who is coming to Guatemala with friend that is handicapped and uses a wheelchair. These two women need information on housing that has wheelchair access.

Any kind of advice will be helpful; the person is coming to Guatemala for some form of special medical treatment that is not in the USA.

They need information on two cities, Guatemala City and Antigua.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Saturday, December 27, 2008
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

This is information that can help many people, and is much more important than normal. The comments you write here can help many people to enjoy Guatemala.

- Hotels or Apartments that are handicap ready?
- Transportation for handicapped?

It is rather ironic I got this email today from a reader in the USA. I was just about to write my first daily Travel Tip as my Christmas Gift to Readers when I read this email. I then realized this Travel Tip was more important.

I am going to Antigua today and will walk around and look for Hotels for this reader that is coming to Guatemala on the 25 of January.


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Thank you, your comments here can truly help another person.

Guatemala Handicap Help Needed