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Guatemala Globalizes the USA Boondoggle

2008-12-18 11:30:00

Guatemala Globalizes the USA Boondoggle
I went to a laundry place here in Panajachel, Guatemala, they want 20 Quetzals for the wash machine and 20 Quetzals for the dryer, this is about six dollars to do one load of clothes.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Thursday, December 18, 2008
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I truly have three loads, I suppose I could risk it and tuck them all into one two machines, however I do not want too I like my clothes. It would cost me 120 Q to do my laundry properly.

15.60 USA Dollars this is too stupid for words in Guatemala.

I could buy three hand made shirts here for 15 dollars…

I took this photo the other day of an article here in a Guatemala newspaper, as best I can explain it says an average work should be making about 500 Quetzals per month.

That is 65.00 US Dollars per month.

I am not sure, there are many funky and truly crappy figures in all this, however as best I can tell an average person in Guatemala makes between 4 and 10 US Dollars per day.

I walked down the street to my Hotel, walked up to an older woman by the name of Marie and asked her if she wanted to do my laundry. I am paying her 40 Q. to do may laundry, this is about one day’s wages; this will help the people of Guatemala.

I get very angry when Tourist and Travelers just bend over and pay these inflated tourist prices. This type of inflationary move by Guatemalan people or Gringos makes it difficult for the average person to live. This forces the local Guatemalan people to compete with me, they also have to pay exploited fees on my goods, or they perceive they should if they are equal.

When asking for some labor to do, I estimate how long it would take me to do the work. I can do my laundry in less than one hour by hand. This splurge mentality of the world is biting the planet hard; I just do not understand why people do not care.

Guatemala Globalizes the USA Boondoggle

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