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Fear of Facebook.com

2008-12-22 04:25:00

Fear of Facebook.com
Incredibly difficult for people to empathize with me, however I am incredibly afraid of Facebook.com, Linkedin.com, Myspace.com and the hundreds other social networks.

I am afraid I will have a never-ending stream of notifications. I joined you tube.com and they send me too many notification, and people want to be friends, write me personal messages, and other nice things. I have to spend hours trying to learn the site just to configure the thing correctly.

There is only so much life in me, I do not wish to spend it on the internet replying, moderating, or playing.

I am very curious, I want to enter, but they make life difficult, and I am 100 percent sure an internet page is not to be trusted.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Monday, December 22, 2008
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I hear comments about Twitter and Digg and the list just keeps growing.

I am a traveler, when I go to Africa the internet goes down to unbelievably slow levels. The extraordinary amount of small needs of these sites, the possibility of getting hundreds of emails, correspondence of friends is worrisome.

I am already having trouble with skype.com, I have to shut the thing off when I am not using it.

I do not know what the answer, I think every human needs to make a choice, does the internet own me, or do I own the internet.

I enjoy friends, however there is limit to my need for attention.

Fear of Facebook.com

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