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Experience a Cute Attack Today

2008-12-25 07:52:00

Experience a Cute Attack Today
There just is no game in being too macho, it just does not serve any purpose. I realized a minute ago one of the primary reasons I travel to different cultures is to experience cute attacks.

There are little kids that attack me, they overwhelm me with cute, they just are more powerful than I am.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Thursday, December 25, 2008
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Merry Christmas

This little girl was walking here baby, the baby stroller is slowly becoming part of the Mayan culture.

Three generations, with the middle one missing, this small sample of life outside of your culture is sufficient reason to travel.

This small girl gave me a cute attack the other day, just too cute for here own good. Everybody loves babies and how they dress up to go play, the world is the same, and they do this everywhere. However, in this particular situation she is dressed normal for a proper Mayan girl.

Experience a Cute Attack Today