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Does a Blog Need Comments

2008-12-28 09:01:00

Does a Blog Need Comments
Blogs are not online diaries, they are not a web log, (I give up) a Blog system is an easy way for people to make internet pages and not know anything about HTML or Coding, there is no need for Frontpage or Dreamweaver or other programs.

Blogs are something anybody can do, and they do… for any reason, they do not care anything about the word "log."

Antigua, Guatemala
Sunday, December 28, 2008
Travel Journal --- Request a Travel Tips

I am out and about monitoring many Travel Journals, if you have one you want me to monitor, post it in the comments below, the best will eventually be written about.

However, I am amiss, does a Blog need to have comments to be called a Blog. I am a purist on many levels, and think a Hostel needs to have Dorm beds; I do not think people on three-month vacations should call themselves Travelers.

I know I am a Tourist; however, I am also a Traveler.

However, if a Blog does not have the option to leave a comment, is it a Blog or just a collection of Articles using a Blog System to make life easy?

Please, do not let me start to be cynical about the question,
“What is a Travel Journal?”

Does a Blog Need Comments