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Churches and Bars are the Same

2008-12-21 05:03:00

Churches and Bars are the Same
I was reading a Blog post by a Peace Corps person somewhere in Guatemala… Hmm, where is this guy? I believe the Peace Corps has somehow put him in a rotten home.
Peace Corps Guatemala

However, he has learned a lesson about Travel, never live close to a Church or a Bar, neither of them has any respect for their neighbors. They both believe they have the right to make incredible amounts of noise at any hour of the day.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Sunday, December 21, 2008
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I posted a comment on his Blog to move, he seems to believe that turning up the music in his house will help the problem.

Let me think, do unto others, as you would have them do unto you…

I truly enjoy reading Peace Corps Blogs, these kids are well intended, they do some good, and if nothing else, they do learn the problems of Guatemala. They often return to the USA, whereby they are somewhat qualified to work for the USA Government.

I suppose we know, if one bomb drops on us, we will drop bombs on them… Hehehe

I have never seen a house in Guatemala with a basement, and then he seems to have internet in the house also, truly is roughing it.

Note, never live next to kids with speakers either, take care when you hear televisions, etc.

I am in a room for 9 dollars, I have a television, and the television is at the foot of my bed on a concrete wall. Often Hotels will put a television right in front of a window, this is terrible, the noise enter the courtyard or hall and can wake all the other guest. I will often move the television closer to the head of the bed so I can hear it better, and avoid disturbing the other guest.

Empathy is easy for me, but then again, I am from the planet Betazed and it should be.

Churches and Bars are the Same

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