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Christmas Gift to Travel Blog Readers

2008-12-26 09:49:00

Christmas Gift to Travel Journal Readers
I write this Travel Journal to enlighten myself, writing helps me to clarify my thoughts and put my turn my life into the right channels. However, I do know that readers enjoy Travel Tips and Pictures.

I do not think about Travel Tips, the way I travel, the way I live is my life, and the methodology of my travels is what I do. Therefore, it is my nature; I have to concentrate to explain in words what I do naturally, writing tips is work.

I know readers like Travel Tips, and I must admit to myself, I am no longer traveling alone, it is impossible to ignore you readers no matter how much I try.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Friday, December 26, 2008
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Therefore in a gesture of good will and a New Years Resolution, I will make a commitment to Blog one small tip and a couple of pictures every day in 2009.

Any request for tips or explanations, please post either in the comments below or write me on the contact form of this site.

Please inclue your name and the link to your webpage and I will try to include the link inside the Blog post so your site gets traffic.

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Christmas Gift to Travel Journal Readers