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Chapin Guatemala Slang

2008-12-27 18:32:00

Chapin Guatemala Slang
Soy Chapin igual que mi papito”

I am Chapin same as my Papa.

Chapin: Nickname to describe people from Guatemala.

Normally I would call them a Guatemalan or Guatemalteco; however, this word could have a problems, not politally correct in Guatemala. Chapin seems to be more what a Mayan would want to call themselves. There is some racial division between the rich Mestizos of Guatemala City and the Mayans of the countryside.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Saturday, December 27, 2008
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I think Chapin also has the connotation of the slang use of the word “Cool” in the USA.

Here is a list of other words that a T-shirt has associated with the word Chapin.

Warning, learning a language is full of problems, and to understand slang can take years to understand. This is like a disclaimer, it is possible all my thoughs, opinions and words I typed above could be totally wrong. Yo no esta Chapin.

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Chapin Guatemala Slang