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Antigua to Panajachel Shuttle 40 Q

2008-12-09 06:32:00

Antigua to Panajachel Shuttle 40 Q
I will take a 40 Quetzal shuttle van from Antigua to Panajachel at 7:20 am, I am not looking forward to the trip, I am worried about getting motion sick.

Antigua, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 9, 2008
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I truly despise the little vans; a big bus is 10 times more comfortable and safe. However, sometimes there are not many options. There is a large Pullman bus that leaves at 7:00 am, however for many reasons I am not taking it today.

Panajachel is a large village on the shores of Lago Atitlan, one of the more beautiful lakes on the planet.

A man is out in the hall clearing his throat, a person can almost gauge the how primitive a culture is by this disgusting sound.

I am excited to be in Pana, it is one of my favorite places on planet earth, funny I will leave Antigua that should be more civilized, and go to a place that is less civilized and find what I feel is more civilized people.

Antigua to Panajachel Shuttle 40 Q

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