196 Pound Gringo in Panajachel Guatemala

196 Pound Gringo in Panajachel Guatemala
I purchased a 12 visit pass for a exercise gym here in Pana, that is about 3 US Dollars per day, not cheap, but not expensive. This is about half what the average Guatemalan makes per day. I was the only gringo in the gym, it does not appear many expats visit the place.

Panajachel, Guatemala
Tuesday, December 16, 2008
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I can join for a fee of 200 Quetzals for unlimited visits, with a 75 Q subscription fee for a total of 275 however, does not make sense for me. They are not open on Sunday and only open one-half day on Saturday.

At 195, I am 25 pound more than what I would consider optimum weight. I am tired of carrying around this extra 25 pound on my 6-foot tall body.

As best I can figure out, most people work out during the day here, not right after work like in the USA. Work has a different meaning in most countries, and it does not surprise me they are working out in the gym while the developed world is working.

196 Pound Gringo in Panajachel Guatemala

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