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Work is Like a Second Child

2008-11-12 17:21:00

Work is Like a Second Child
I need to make money, it cost money to travel, my first Child goes by the name and the newly born second Child is,

Being an owner of a business is like a family, for the majority of my life I was self-employed, the business I did in the USA was my first Wife, I have divorced her.

Khao San Road, Bangkok Thailand
Thursday, November 13, 2008
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I now have these two Children, was born in Panama in year 2000. was born in 2008, therefore the older child is already on his way.

It has been eight years since I had a newly born website, I am set in my ways, however for the sake of my new girl I must pay attention and remember all children are not the same.

I spend many hours learning how to treat this new Baby Huey Website, I am amazed how the world has changed in the last eight years. I have really been traveling and less worried, this new baby has taught me some lessons.

Working on a website is tedious, boring and a job I am starting to believe should never be recommended to anyone. The odds of doing well are in my guesstimate, about 1 in 10,000, I know when I am talking with some new parent of a website, I can say,
“You will probably never in your life meet another person who makes a good living from a website.”

They will say,
“I know Joe, he makes money.”
I can always say,
“Joe make website for other people, he does no live from his website.”

Now, there are a lot of people who work on and make good money, I know about three of them.

I talked to an owner of one of those startup websites yesterday on, he was talking saying they were finalizing a new funding of a site, I suppose he is dealing with “Burn Rate.” He needs to pay some high priced coders, I am worried for him, maybe his site burns out before he can find earnings.

Well, I have been surfing around and learning about websites, I am happy to say I can feel myself going onto level two of internet sites. I first had to prove to myself I knew how to make money on a website, I am now going to prove to myself we can make some truly professional and beautiful websites. this week is rolling out with a new dress, she is going to be 3-4 times more professional looking and in the next three to four months she will become 10 times more professional.

I am amazed how much work is involved in doing truly professional site, I am just the parent in this new one, I do very little work. I am more or less a American Football Coach to the site. I push, shove and drive the players to achieve.

Sometimes I want to say to the workers,
“Average is for losers.”
“Perfections is the only choice.”

I am fortunate, I should thank the Internet Gods, we now have three PHP coders who diligent come to work everyday. The work out here in internet ether space, on various sides of he planet. Two are from India and one is from Egypt. Boy genius has two new girls PHP coder to play with, and he is up to his ears in strange new time problems for him. He has always worked alone, or with me, now he must work with two others people who have daily problems and questions.

I told my one friend in the USA, if you know how to make money on the internet, if you can see how this is done. Then the next step is to put humans in front of computers and have them type.

One time I calculated how much money it would cost to make a huge website paying a person 25 U.S Dollars per hour. I figure it cost 250,000 US dollars. I know there is about 1600-2000 specific small task that need to be done to any site before it becomes great.

The other day I had a insight, I wish I could talk about this, or write it out, it does help me to write. I know the more I talk to myself, the more I am on the correct path.

Hmm, I just realized, I need to do a private diary on the new insight, I can just type if out and erase.

Well, my two babies are doing well, I am happy about the new dress is starting to take shape.

Work is Like a Second Child