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Turn Off the Air Conditioner When You Leave

2008-11-05 01:51:00

Turn Off the Air Conditioner When You Leave
Here is a question for readers.

Should I shut off the Air Conditioner when I leave a Hotel Room?

Chang Mai, Thailand
Wednesday, November 5, 2008
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I take great MacGyver pride in figuring out systems to stop this Hotel Electricity system from achieving its goal.

The goal of this device is to shut off all the electricity in the room and save on electrical cost for the Hotel when the resident is not in the room.

I have zero desire to return to a room that it very comfortable when air conditioned and extremely stuffy when not. Yes, I could open all the windows before I leave, and close them when I return, but as I see it, Air Conditioning is a Luxury. If I am going to pay for the luxury of Air Conditioning, I am not going to live in a room that is hot until the air conditioner is running for an hour, then it take another four hours before the furniture is cooled off. Then next thing I know, the room is too cold and I have to adjust the AC a dozen time until it is balance. If I just leave it running, I can balance it one time and never worry again.

I ask my friend Travis,
“If you paid 500 Dollars per night for a Hotel, would you leave the air conditioner on?”

He said,
“Yes, because I am paying 500 Dollars.”

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Turn Off the Air Conditioner When You Leave