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Traveler Happiness is the Bed and Bus

2008-11-21 15:05:00

Traveler Happiness is the Bed and Bus
Nomadic travel is not possible, unless you are a millionaire. However a travel is happy when the Bus and the Bed are comfortable, these are the two places where we spend most of our time.

If I can choose the proper bus I am happy, if I can choose the proper Hotel room I am happy.

Koh SiChang, Island Thailand
2-3 Hours Tribe by Bus South of Bangkok
Friday, November 21, 2008
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How important are the Bed and Bus, just look at the largest Travel sites to learn about travel. If you look at most large Travel Sites, such as Travelocity.com, TripAdvisorcom, and VirtualTourist.com, you will see a common thread. They seems preoccupied with Transportation or Hotels, the actual Travel Destination is lower priority.

Travelers use buses as their primary form of Transportation, yes a Trains is nice, but these are only available for about 20 percent of the planet. They are only good in Europe, and that to me is questionable, because the bus or Eurolines is cheaper, and even the LCC - Low Cost Carriers are becoming cheaper than the Train.

The bus is the primary form of transportation for the normal traveler.

I came to the Island of Koh SiChang, I could have accepted the first bad deal offered for a Hotel, however,
“I Just said No.”
I want to be a happy traveler, so I focused on the Hotel.

We found a room for 500 Baht, no air, Thai language TV, and they would rent us a motorcycle for 250, and they said,
“we are discounting, we make special deal.”

Well, so what, found an Air Con Room, with Cable TV, a couple of movie Channels for 500 Baht and a Motorcycle to rent for 200 Baht. The bed and transportation are good, I am happy.

I am tired of the Tourist Industry always saying they are doing me a favor and giving me a discount, I truly wish they would just give me a good bed and bus, no more and no less, without needing to listen to them make noise.

Traveler Happiness is the Bed and Bus

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